Beautiful is the woman who loves the Lord
She grows sweeter
With each passing year

In the midst of difficulties
Trying circumstances
She leans on, depends upon the Lord

She has a peace that passes all understanding
When others around her are anxious
She has a quiet trust that the Lord will work it out

Her countenance radiates
Joy and happiness, peace and love
As she grows more like her Savior

Her voice is sweet
She chooses to bless and not curse
Praise God and pray

She befriends all whom she encounters
Confident that the Lord has brought them into her path
Humbly she offers encouragement and wise, godly counsel

She raised her children
In the fear and admonition of the Lord
Trusting God’s faithful promises to those who love the Lord

She does not grow old
No matter what the calendar might say
Instead she’s growing into the woman God designed her to be

She has an inner grace and radiance
A light that shines forth
As she basks in the glory of the Lord

She looks forward
To the day the Lord will bring her home
There she will be reunited with those who have gone before

She does not fear for her future is secure
Her hope can never be shaken
For her foundation is built on Christ alone

By Susan Bunts Wachtel
February 26, 2009

One of my favorite things is to turn on the digital picture and watch the pictures randomly scroll through the hundreds and thousands of pictures that are loaded on that little tiny memory card. Yesterday as glanced over at the picture frame…Jean’s picture came up…and in my mind I could hear her sweet voice from singing the night before at Bible study. Soon the pictures of many other women whom I am so blessed by God to know came up. I found the contrast striking to the last poem I wrote about…“Mean Girls”. What a difference these godly women who continue to grow in the Lord. With each passing year, they grow more beautiful…and radiate the love of Christ.

This poem is dedicated to these beautiful women of God that I know. I thank you for the example you share…and pray that one day…I will grow into the woman God created me to be. Love you so much and thank God for you!

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