Yet For a Season

In a place
Where I cry out for God’s deliverance
Yet for a season
God’s will is to keep me here
Right where I’m at

When necessary
I put my hand over my mouth
Think a second time
Choose to look on the good that God is doing
In the midst of uncomfortable

It would be so easy
To withdraw
Harden my heart
When the reason for God’s delay or His “No”
Is unknown to this frail human soul

But instead God has given me His word
By the power of the Holy Spirit
I can learn from the examples of others
I can stand strong, purpose in my heart to believe God
Or go down the path of unbelief which surely leads to destruction

Oft times His will is inscrutable, unknowable, a mystery
That’s when God calls me to trust Him
Believe that He is good, holy, righteous and just
He is working all things together for good
For this one who loves Him

Susan Bunts Wachtel
March 12, 2009

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