Once, But Now

Once my lips cursed You
Now I praise You

Once I denied You
Now I seek You

Once dead in my sin
Now I proclaim salvation is found in no other name than Christ Jesus

Once I ran from You
Now I follow You

Once I heeded my own voice
Now I listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd

Once I longed to fit into the world’s mold
Now I desire to live the sanctified life

Once blinded to my own sin
Now I see my “good works” in light of Your holiness and righteousness

Once a sight walker
Now a faith walker

Once my own advocate
Now the Son sits at the right hand of the Father interceding for me

Once a grumbler and complainer
Now a prayer warrior

Once I held on to hurt, nursed a grudge
Now I forgive as I have been forgiven by my Lord

Once I hated my enemies
Now I love and pray for those who come against me

Once I allowed every kind of evil thought and wickedness to enter in
Now I guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus

Once filled with anxious thoughts
Now I have the peace of Christ

Once I put on self righteous
Now I’m clothed in Christ’s righteousness

Once I walked in my own strength
Now I’m weak but find my strength in Christ

Once self sufficient
Now fully dependent upon God

Once I was defenseless against a powerful foe
Now I’m armed with the Sword of the Spirit

Once deceived by the lies of the enemy
Now growing in wisdom from the study of God’s word

Once bound for eternity in hell
Now my heavenly future is secure

By Susan Bunts Wachtel
April 11, 2009

On this Easter weekend 2009, I give thanks, honor and praise to Jesus Christ, my Glorified Risen Lord and Savior. Because He chose to take on flesh, receive my just penalty of death, I stand forgiven. Because He chose rejection, scorn, beatings and death on the cross, I can have my sins covered by His precious blood. Because He was the sinless Son of God, death could not hold Him down and He arose victorious from the grave. Now He imparts, through the power of the Holy Spirit living within me, power and victory over sin.

You too can have your sins forgiveness…by Jesus Christ, the One and Only Living Son of God. You can have your future in eternity secured if you will confess with your mouth and believe with your heart that Jesus is Christ is Lord.

Why go another day without Jesus Christ?

Two-thousand years ago…He paid a heavy penalty for your sin so that you might be set free. Won’t you accept that free gift found in the Beloved Son?

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