Lying in Wait

Gossip thinly disguised as a prayer request
Only serves to tear down and cause division

No one is exempt
From being the next victim

Leaders faithfully serving the body of Christ
Have decisions questioned at every turn

Those enduring trials and tribulation
Are a delicious topic of conversation for the gossiping tongue

Opinion and speculation
Pass for an intimate knowledge of the facts

Even the innocent bystander
May fall prey to the gossiping tongue

Gossips raise themselves up
By trampling on the reputation of another

The sin of gossip tears people down
Both the victim and the one with the uncontrolled tongue

Sometimes motivated by boredom
Gossip makes the perpetrator feel important

It gives the appearance of being “in the know”
Or the confidant of so many friends

Never is an opportunity lost to sully a reputation
Or call into question someone’s motives

Like an viper lying in wait
At an opportune moment…the gossip will strike with their venomous poison

Susan Bunts Wachtel
April 24, 2009

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