The Ring

I stepped into the ring today
Before I knew it the bell had rung
The fight was on

The first punch was doubt
Followed by a blow of discouragement
Well aimed at my heart

I didn’t have my gear on
Soon I was blocked on all sides
Couldn’t even lift my head

I cried out
Sought deliverance from my Lord
Silence ensued as I waited

In the heavenlies
A battle raged
Between unseen forces of good and evil

Suddenly…there was a break
I was freed
Saved from a powerful foe

I emerged weary, worn and tired
While no human eye could see it
A battle was waged in the heavenlies

May I cling to my risen Savior
Daily equip myself with the armor God has provided
Remember the battle belongs to the Lord…Jehovah-Nissi

Praise God the enemy is a vanquished foe
The crushing blow was wielded at the cross
His victory certified when Christ arose from the grave

Susan Bunts Wachtel
May 27, 2009

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