Self is such a miserable place to be
At the end of the day
That’s just what hell may be like
There will be no escaping me

In self
I’m absorbed in my own misery
Consumed with my own pain
Continually thinking it’s all about me

In self
Daily I pursue
That which brings me pleasure
Rather than disciplining myself to do the hard things

In self
I forget about others
Fail to notice their needs
Nor offer a helping hand

In self
I’m determined to accomplish my will
Never yielding or obeying God
If I could…I’d make God to be like I want Him to be

In self
While I’ll never admit it
I treat others
As if they are here to serve me

In self
There is no joy in the Lord
For my eyes fail to see Him
My focus is entirely on me

In self
I am filled with only me
There is no room for anyone else
At times it’s a pretty lonely place to be

Yet there is One who tells me
I am to die to self daily
That I must be a servant of all
That I am to love the Lord with all my heart

Only the One
Who humbled Himself
Who came to do His Father’s will
Can show me how to live for Christ and not for me

Susan Bunts Wachtel
September 4, 2009

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