God Stop – The Root of the Problem

Ever since Chris and I moved into our new home we’ve been battling spider plants. They take up a large part of the planter in the front of our home. We would like to get rid of them and plant something more beautiful or appealing.

But it’s so hard to get the plants out. First we tried to whack them…thinking that they would die. They just came back hardier than ever and thrived. We’d pull the plants out…but much of the root remained behind and soon plants were shooting up and looking better than ever.

Today Chris did battle again. This time…we’ve tried a different tactic. We stopped the sprinklers from watering the plants. That’s allowed the dirt to dry out.

So today…Chris was able to actually make some progress in getting the roots out. When we looked at the mess of tangled roots it reminded me of sin and its effects in our lives.

The root ball that Chris was able to get out of the ground was a tangled mess. The small little plants had large embedded, entangled roots that went very deep. Just as the roots send out tendrils that go all throughout the planter…so too sin does in our lives. In his efforts to get the roots out, one of the trowels was bent. When we work to get sin out of our lives, it can be a very painful process.

In the end…just like the plants…it’s better that we never let the sin get started in our life. Otherwise something that looks pretty and harmless can take over.

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