Sinners & Saints

Today I found myself
Overwhelmed with sorrow
As I witnessed sin and rebellion
Active and alive in both sinners and saints

I was grieved over the one called Christian
Who powerfully wields their tongue
Only to criticize and condemn
In pride, crushes the reputation of others

I wondered do I pray
For the salvation
Of the one who proclaims belief in Christ
But is walking with one foot in the world

What do I say
To the brother or sister
Engaging in filthy language and course jesting
In whom there’s little difference from an unbeliever

Oh Lord,
May my heart be burdened
For their salvation and Christian walk
May I be faithful in prayer for both sinners and saints

Susan Bunts Wachtel
October 19, 2009

Recently God has burdened my heart to pray for other believers.  I’ve tried to very specific.  That their words, the overflow of the heart, would be good and pleasing to God.  That their words would be used to encourage and build up others in the faith.  That their lips would praise and glorify God.  That they would be humble before God, burdened for the lost and faithful in prayer.  That their Christian walk would be blameless. 

That’s why I experienced profound sadness when I found that those prayers have not been answered yet. 

But tonight I experienced some peace when studying Beth Moore’s “Jesus The One & Only”.  In tonight’s lesson she explained that some believers choose to sit by the word of God, rather than sit under the authority of the word of God. 

That insight helped me to understand…that while what I’m praying for people is in God’s will…it’s not something that He will force upon them.  Instead He desires that we willingly choose to obey Him. 

When I love God and choose to walk in a manner that is good and pleasing to Him that is more desirable than having God force me to be good. 

Though momentarily discouraged…I’m reminded that I need to continue to be faithful in praying for we are engaged in a spiritual battle…and I don’t want my fellow saints to fall prey to the enemy.

2 thoughts on “Sinners & Saints

  1. Amen…J.S. Keep glorifying the Lord in all that you do and say. You will have peace with God and one day, Lord willing He will welcome you with "Well done good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your Master."Lord bless…and Happy Thanksgiving.Susan

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