Looking Through the Lens…Photography Contest


Have you been bitten by the photography bug?  Do you get a high when you are looking at your latest batch of photos and discovered that you got one really great shot? 

Be it people or nature shots…I love taking photos.  So when Rachel at Hope Journey posted about a photography contest taking place at “Looking Through the Lens”…I was on it.  Had to check it out to see if I would be able to submit an entry or two. 

I can hardly wait to see all the entries.  If you’d like to participate in the contest and post some of your favorite photographs…click on the link and go to “Looking Through the Lens” to learn the details about the contest.  The deadline is November 10th…which is just around the corner…so don’t delay!

Below are my entries for the theme of Seasons.



This photograph really was taken in the winter…to be more specific…a California winter.  It’s a view from the Oceanside pier in January as the sun was setting. To get the full effect of the colors of the sunset…click on the picture. 

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