Today I awoke downcast
As though I was grieving
Profoundly sad
For no explainable reason

Then my path crossed
With those who bear a heavy burden
Whose tear stained face
Bears the marks of grief, pain and fear

Those who lost a loved one
A life cut down at such a young age
Family and friends who had no time to grasp the enormity
Before they stood at their loved one’s grave

Or the one who received a bad report
Without warning, in an instant
Life had changed
Each day recognized as a gift, not a guarantee

Then there is the one who suddenly
Finds themselves unemployed
In stiff competition with untold others
Praying that someone will just give them a chance

God did you burden my soul
Give me a small picture of their pain
That I might be compelled
To plead for them before Your throne

Susan Bunts Wachtel
November 16, 2009

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