A Bird in the Hand

Today, Chris and I saw two new birds in our yard.  They were so beautiful and quiet distracting…so much so that we were almost late for work because we were trying to snap their photos.  
It wasn’t until this evening that we were able to look at the pictures and identify what birds we had seen.  One of the birds, the Black Headed Grosbeak, was there when we got home this evening. 

You can be sure that we will be off to Wild Birds Unlimited soon to see how we can encourage more visits from the beautiful Orioles and Grosbeaks.  

I’m afraid I frustrate this little humming bird when I’m out in the yard.  He just wants to drink his sugar water before night fall…and I just want to snap his photo while the light is still good.

It’s wonderful to take a few moments to admire and marvel at God’s creation.

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