Resist & Believe

Last week, after spending the afternoon in a spiritual battle, I was weary.  During the drive home the Holy Spirit challenged me about what I really believe.
If there was a person in my life whom had a history and pattern of lies and deceit, of continually doing harm to me or friends and family, would I believe him when he came to me with a laundry list of lies?  Would I give him the time of day?  Or would I tell him, in no uncertain terms, to leave?
Knowing me…I would be swift, firm, loud and direct, “Get Out…and don’t come back!” 
Yet when approached by the enemy I actually give him an ear.  I listen and give credence to the one who is a lair and murdered from the beginning.  I believe what the hater my soul has to say…as if he would ever utter anything beneficial to me.
Why?  Why in the world would I do that?
I must confess its part laziness and part sin-nature.
Laziness…because for me to not listen to the lies of the enemy means I must take every thought captive.  I must actively, purposely redirect my thoughts…and think on that which is good, lovely, pure and true by meditating on scripture.  I need to praise God and believe that He is able to accomplish much more than I can ask or imagine.  I must have an active faith and believe that God is able to bring about that which has not yet been made manifest.  I must believe God is good…even when His answer is no, or wait, or when He gives me something much different than what I hoped and prayed for. 
Sin nature…because when I have been wronged or sinned against it’s not in my nature to be quick to forgive.  Instead I would rather justify why it’s okay to have hard feelings against a person who did me wrong.  I’d rather run to God with a long list of what’s wrong with this person or that one.  Instead…God calls me, as a Christian, to live supernaturally, to live by the power of the Holy Spirit within me.
I am a new creation in Christ.  Daily I am to take off the old man and put on the new. 
Lord…next time the enemy comes knocking…may I remember that he is a lair and that he comes to steal, kill and destroy.  May I resist him and watch him flee.  May I stand firm and see the deliverance of the Lord. May I believe You God…and instead ask, “What does my Father have to say about this?”

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