How to know if you are a Spammer

Most folks like to receive a good joke or stay informed on current events…but if you are reading this list and recognize some of the signs…you may be a spammer: 
  • When your family and friend’s email system automatically flags your emails as junk.
  • When the majority of emails that you send are forwarded from someone else.
  • When you don’t bother to read who receive the same email as you did and you forward it on to your mailing list, including recipients who receive the same email as you.
  • When you can’t remember the last personal email you sent.
  • When the majority of recipients just delete your email because they don’t have time or inclination to open it, much less read it.
  • When you don’t bother to investigate if the claims in an email are true before you forward it.  ( or
  • When you don’t bother examine the content of the email you are forwarding to see if it’s in keeping with your moral or Christian values or the values of the recipients.
  • When your friends get a new email address and don’t tell you what it is.
  • When your friends have set up an email rule to automatically send your emails to trash.
  • When half the emails that your friends receive are from you.
  • When your friends delete your emails from their in-box and the capacity goes down by 25% or more.
  • When your friends nickname you “Spammer”.
  • If your friends email you this blog post with a note to take heed.
  • When you are reading this list and wonder if it’s about you.


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