It’s About Time

Have you ever noticed that when the Lord wants to get a point across…He keep bringing that subject into your path over and over again, from different sources.

Recently our Pastor has preached several sermons about the importance of keeping the Sabbath, about being too busy and not getting enough rest.  In addition to the sermons…I’ve encountered a similar messages in John Eldredge’s book, “Walking with God”, in a magazine article and on the radio. 

All right, all right already…I get it!  But do I really?

These well timed messages come in the middle of some very busy weeks filled with lots of activity but precious little rest.  It’s a bad combination that leaves me exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I’m operating on no reserves and have nothing left to give.  That’s not a good way to start or end the day. 

All of this got me to thinking about being too busy, not getting sufficient rest or spending enough time with the Lord. 

It’s easier to say no to God than it is to the person standing in front of me.

It’s hard to be patient when I’m tired.

It’s hard to slow down when I’m constantly on the go.

It’s hard to know when to say “No” even though I’m already overwhelmed.

There’s nothing in me that reflects the joy of the Lord. 

When I’m constantly on the go…I’m not listening to the Lord or able to discern what He would have me to do.

Do I use busyness to keep from hearing from God?

My schedule and activities are ordered by other people instead of by God.

I sacrifice that which is essential, important and eternal for that which is temporal, meaningless and of no consequence.

When tired, I’m self absorbed and care less about others.

I’m not loving when exhausted and stressed.

I’m uncompassionate when running on empty.

When I feel the pressing need to get things done I’m impatient…even with God.  I want everyone to “get to the point”. 

I can’t hear God clearly because my mind won’t settle down and listen.

When I’m not listening to God and seeking His direction…how can I obey Him?

When I’m not spending time with God…how to I know and love Him more?


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