This year it seems that so many pastors and ministries are going through a study in the book of Revelation   Hearing the studies is exciting, thrilling and horrifying.  Exciting and thrilling for the believer to contemplate what awaits us in heaven and horrifying at the thought of what awaits unbelievers once the church is raptured and the world enters into the seven years of tribulation prophesied in the Bible.
When I hear the sermons and Bible studies on Revelation I remember back to the time in my life before I was a believer in Jesus Christ and the fear that I had as I read the book of Revelation.  
I came to Christ late in my life at the age of 32.  I had some exposure to Christianity even as an unbeliever…through friends who were Christian and what I had seen on TV or heard on the radio.  I even read the Bible.  But in my unbelief I was blinded to the truth in the Bible.
I clearly remember reading Revelation when I was an unbeliever…and I was terrified.  Though I may not have fully comprehended my lost state, there was something in me that knew that if the church were raptured at that time…I would be left behind and face the tribulation. 
When I read chapters 4 through 19 in the book of Revelation, it is amazing that anyone can survive the disasters that will come upon the earth.  These are not natural disasters and calamity that just happen in a small area of the country, but rather the wrath of God being poured out upon the earth and sinful man who have rejected His Son.
Amazingly enough…during the time of the tribulation some people will survive and some will even come to a saving faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ.  But the price for their faith will likely be execution.  The destruction and horror that is forthcoming is beyond comprehension. 
Praise God that those who chose to believe today will be saved.  Those who repent of their sins, ask for forgiveness and have been cleansed by the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross will be saved.  Saved from their sins and saved from the wrath to come.
These days when I read the book of Revelation…I find comfort in the knowledge that whether I die now or if I am raptured with the church that I will be in heaven with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I am saved…and nothing can snatch me from His hand. 


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