Feedback on Voting

One of my Facebook friends, Gary Hannasch took the time to comment on my post about voting.  Thank you Gary for your thoughtful response.

From Gary Hannach:  Those who don’t vote are a major part of the problem too!  It’s just as bad as if they had voted for the opposition party!

Amen Gary…I agree 100%.  It’s hard to understand why people don’t exercise this amazing freedom we’ve been granted in our society.  People around the world…would love to come to our country and know the value of freedom and participating in elections because they don’t have that freedom.

Yet so many of our fellow countrymen and women neglect that responsibility.  When we end up with government officials they don’t like…they should have no complaints because by not voting they defacto voted in the people they don’t like.

Living in a pocket of conservatism in Orange County…I feel like my voice doesn’t amount to much in a very liberal state.  But I give an account to God for all that He’s given me…including participating in government and making my voice heard in elections.  I don’t understand why Christians don’t vote their values.

In some cases it amounts to laziness and not making the time to do so.  But since we have the option of voting via absentee ballot…that’s not a valid excuse.  There are plenty of resources to help people better understand the bills they are voting on and to know more about the various candidates that are running.  

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