Now That Takes Some Nerve

My absence from blogging hasn’t been as a result of writer’s block as much as pain demanding my attention and consuming my energy.  

If any of you have experienced Sciatica you’ll know the pain I’ve been experiencing recently. 

About seven weeks ago I tweaked by back, causing a reappearance of Sciatica.  Talk about painful!!!  The pain starts in my right hip and radiates down to my right ankle.  While my hip is painful…it’s the pain in my ankle that I can hardly stand.

I’ve had bouts of Sciatica a couple of times before, but I don’t recall the pain being so all consuming.  Perhaps the Lord was merciful and caused those memories to fade. 

I’ve opted for traditional treatment through my doctor first in hopes that before the nerve will be released and the pain will go away on its own.  I’m trying to keep the pain at a tolerable level without taking strong medicine that will leave me unable to function each day, like going to work, driving etc. 

I have another doctor’s appointment coming up and I’m hoping that she will order a test to determine if my nerve is just pinched or if there’s a problem with a disc.  Being raised by my mother, a nurse who believed in old school medicine, I’m reluctant to seek alternative treatments until I know exactly what’s going on. 

Sitting, lying down and even standing can be painful.  Thankfully, I experience relief from the pain when I’m walking. 

In the mean time and in between time, I am praying that the Lord will touch my back and relieve this pain and release my Sciatic nerve.  I know that God is well able to heal me and trusting Him to carry me through until I experience lasting relief from pain.


2 thoughts on “Now That Takes Some Nerve

  1. Praying with you. . .dear Susan! Abba Father,Thank You that You can heal us so much and never take Your hand off of us. I pray with eyes of faith that You are going to relieve my dear sister from the pain. Thank You, Jesus, so so much Praise You! Amen (so be it!)blessings,Rachel

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