Thank You Jesus

As I awakened this cool and foggy Christmas morn, my thoughts turn to You Lord Jesus.  May I humbly come before You and give You the gift of thanksgiving.

  • Thank You Jesus for submitting Yourself unto the Father’s plan.
  • Thank You for choosing to lay aside Your Glory and take on human flesh.
  • Thank You for taking my sin upon You on the cross and enduring the Father’s wrath which I deserved. 
  • Thank You for living a sinless life and proving that You alone are worthy and able to be our sacrificial Lamb.
  • Thank You for setting Your face like flint towards the cross.
  • Thank You for not taking the enemy’s bait and choosing the easy way out.
  • Thank You that on the cross You cried out the words, “It is finished.”  My sin debt was marked “Paid in Full.”
  • Thank You for sending Your Holy Spirit to dwell within me, refine and grow me.
  • Thank You for being faithful when I am faithless and weak.
  • Thank You, that even though I will fail You, You will never fail me.
  • Thank You for giving me the freedom to choose You.
  • Thank You for doing the impossible, removing the blinders from my eyes, enlightening my mind which was once darkened, so that I could see and believe the truth that Jesus Christ is Lord.
  • Thank You for Your patience and waiting for me, at the age of 32, when I bent my knee, confessed with my mouth and believed with my heart that You are Lord.
  • Thank You for taking my sin away, sending it as far as the east is from the west and remembering it no more.
  • Thank You for giving me the inerrant Word of God so that I might know You and the Father whom You came to reveal.
  • Thank You for unbending, unchanging truth contained in the Bible.
  • Thank You for sitting at the right hand of the Father where You make intersession for me.
  • Thank You for prayer and hearing my prayers.
  • Thank You for Your Holy Spirit Who takes my prayers that I can’t even put into words and translates them.
  • Thank You for sharing Your heart’s desire that no one would perish, but all would come to eternal life.
  • Thank You for Your delay in returning because that’s another day in which people can repent and receive You as Lord.
  • Thank You for the opportunity to pray for unsaved family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and even enemies.
  • Thank You that You are able to work all things together for good.
  • Thank You that You are able to weave a beautiful tapestry from my messed up life.
  • Thank You for the comfort and assurance that You will soon take Your bride, the church, home to heaven.
  • Thank You for the promise that You will one day return and rule and reign forever and ever.
  • Thank You that You will cast the enemy into the Lake of Fire and that he will be punished forever and ever without end. 
  • Thank You that in pain, sickness, sorrow, and even death, Your saints can have peace, joy and the comfort of Your presence.

Lord Jesus…may I live a life that reflects my thanks to You.  May I be so bold Lord, in the midst of giving thanks, to ask for the salvation for the many people whom You have placed on my heart?  That today would be their day of salvation.  That the angels in heaven would rejoice as many people repent from their sins and turn to You and acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.


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