Abiding in Christ…What does that look like?

As I start this week, I’m asking the Father for help.  How can I not just tolerate the unlovely, but actually love them? 
It impossible in my own strength, to love those who are unlovely.  Impossible to love those who are unlovely in their character, whose words are ugly, boastful, prideful or mean-spirited.   Yet God calls me to love those very persons whom He has placed in my life. 
As I was listening to a sermon this weekend by John Piper I got a better understanding on how I can walk in the Spirit by abiding in Christ.  What does it mean to abide?  John’s description helped me to see in a practical way what abiding looks like in everyday life.
“And if you wonder what hour-by-hour abiding in Jesus means, it means hour-by-hour trusting him to meet all our needs and be our supreme treasure. And when we are confident that he will meet all our needs and be our treasure, we are freed and empowered to humble ourselves and meet the needs of others.”
Hour-by-hour abiding in Jesus…Lord that’s what I need to do.  Lord, help me to do that this coming week, so I can obey Your command to love one another and even love my enemy.  May I remember that I too was the unlovely one that You chose to love.  How amazing is that?

3 thoughts on “Abiding in Christ…What does that look like?

  1. I don't know why it surprises me every time God layers His message to me, so that I'll get it. Our pastor spoke to us from James 2:1-13 on Sunday about how we are to love others and not show favoritism. Your post was a wonderful addition to the "how" of loving others. Thank you.

  2. Beautifully written Susan! He did chose us to love, and we need to show even the hard to love people how much we love them, and how much God loves them. God loves them in spite of their actions because He sees beyond the surface and loves the person He made in His own image. :)Blessings and hugs!Denise

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