Looking for God in the Midst of Trials

A comment that Denise from Refine Me made provoked some thinking about God’s presence and His work in my life, even in the midst of trials: 
So true Susan; when our hearts and minds are open to receive (even through our trials and when we are suffering!) our actions and outlook begin to change, and we open ourselves up to appreciate and accept every blessing with grace and sincere appreciation.  Have a joyful weekend!  Denise
Am I aware of God’s presence and nearness, even when my feelings don’t feel it?
Do I override my feelings with the truth from God’s word?
Do I looking for the blessings that God may have veiled during the everyday trails of life?
Am I trusting God to do a good work through the trials of life, even if the situation itself is not good?
Am I trusting God to refine me and buff out the things in my character that are sinful and not pleasing and glorifying to Him?
Do I have the eyes to see God’s goodness woven into the difficulties?  They are like roses amongst the thorns and manure. 
Do I say thank You Lord for this trial, for this lesson?
When I walk by faith I can see trials as: 
grace, mercy; favor, kindness, mitzvah; advantage, aid, assistance, gift, help, relief, support; comfort, consolation, solace; bonus, extra, delight, joy, pleasure
Or when I walk by sight I perceive trials as:
bother, irritant, nuisance, pest; disadvantage; cross, misery, tribulation, something to be avoided at all cost
Lord…help me to walk by faith, trusting You at every turn. 
Please check out Denise’s blog at Refine Me.  You will be challenged, convicted and built up in the faith.  Her blog is one of my regular and favorite reads.  

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