Preconceived Notions

Squeaking breaks were more than just an annoyance or an indication that I needed to get our car serviced to insure that I was safe on the road.  This would be another repair on a car that’s 11 years old.  A repair that might cost more than what the car was worth.  Our car had become a money pit and it seemed like we were throwing good money after bad. 
After the last repair, my husband Chris and I discussed the possibility that it might be the time to consider getting a new car to replace our aging car. 
The squeaking started just a few days before we were going on vacation and whatever action we decided to take would have to wait until we returned.  Thankfully both Chris and I had taken an additional day off from work following our vacation.  It proved to be helpful as we went car shopping yesterday.
God had some lessons for me to learn in the middle of our car troubles.  One of the top lessons was to not be anxious.  Our car problems didn’t take God by surprise and He would go before us and give us wisdom to make good choices. 
Yesterday, before we set off to look at vehicles, I felt that God was telling me to let go of my preconceived notions.  Based on prior bad experiences with two car dealers, I was tempted to dismiss two cars that we should consider because they had good ratings for safety and value.
Prior to our vacation, I had done some research on AAA’s automobile car shoppingservices and had a good idea on what cars we should look at.  It’s a great tool that proved to be very helpful in our search for a car.  If you are a member of AAA you can contact the designated dealers and arrange to meet with them.  In doing this, you eliminate the high pressure sales tactics associated with car buying.  You will also avail yourself of the AAA agreed upon discounted rate.
Before we left the house we prayed for God to give us wisdom to determine the best car to purchase and trust His leading and timing.  We asked that we would both be in agreement as to what car we should purchase and for His favor.
We set out with a plan to look at three vehicles, test drive them, find out what finance options were available so we could choose the best car for us and be responsible with the resources God has given us.
God did indeed go before us and we both felt comfortable with purchasing any of the top three vehicles we were looking at.  We had set a plan to look at all three vehicles before making a decision and we stuck to that despite heavy pressure from one dealer to make a decision right then and there. 
As it turned out, we ended up getting the vehicle that was last on my initial list.  We both liked the car and the tipping point was that we were able to get 0.0% financing for 60 months.  That was too good to turn down.
Now every time I look at the car I am reminded of God’s faithfulness, His provision in finding the car and getting a good deal. 
I know it’s silly, but I like to name my cars.  Last night after we got home, I decided to name our new car Ebenezer because it will be a reminder, “Thus far the Lord has brought us.”

5 thoughts on “Preconceived Notions

  1. When we trust Him in everything, nothing is too big or too small is it? Congrats on your new vehicle; I love the name Ebenezer! :)Blessings and hugs Susan!Denise

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