Welcome Home

Home should be a place
Where warm arms embrace you
Welcome you home
After a long hard day
Where you are embraced by your biggest supporter
Your champion who believes in you
Accepts you for who you are
Imperfections and all
A place where judgment and condemnation
Are forbidden to enter
A place where you are loved by one
Who never ceases to hope and pray for you
A place where you can rest
Your weary body, mind and soul
Without fear that you will be examined
Picking apart every thought, word and deed
A place where you are encouraged
Though the world may leave you discouraged
A place where the enemy feels very unwelcome
Where he may not enter in
A place where forgiveness, love, grace and mercy flow free
Given beyond measure
by Susan Wachtel
May 6, 2012
Dedicated to my best friend! 

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