The Hawk

As I walked out the door
I heard a the flutter of many wings
Birds flying this way and that, trying to escape
It seemed as though all were gone
Yet I still heard frantic flapping in the tree
Suddenly he appeared
A hawk swept down from the branches
His prey held firmly in his grasp
A helpless dove, wings beating their last flap
I was sickened by the sight
Suddenly the hawk took flight with the lifeless bird
The only evidence, feathers along the path
Susan Wachtel
June 24, 2012

2 thoughts on “The Hawk

  1. How sad to witness a helpless and beautiful creature being carried away; your writing made this very real to life for the reader!Have a week full of joyful blessings Susan!Denise

  2. Denise,It was horrifying. If I thought that I could have saved that poor dove, I would have acted like a crazy woman and chased the hawk away.We love feeding our backyard birds. They are a joy to see every day. Hope that you have a blessed week in the Lord. In Christ…Susan

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