As Election Day Draws Near

When I originally started this blog I used to write about politics.  But over time I’ve spent less and less time writing about politics because compared to the importance of the Gospel message and its eternal consequences, politics pales in comparison. 
However, on Tuesday, November 6th, we are facing a pivotal election.  It is important for Christians and people who support Judeo Christian values to get out and exercise their God given right to vote. 
Something that I wrestled with four years ago was, how can I vote for a Mormon when the Mormon religion is in contradiction to Biblical Christianity.  That struggle was irrelevant after John McCain became the Republican nominee. 
As Election Day 2012 draws near I wanted to share some thoughts from our Pastor, Philip De Courcy, who answered the question, “Can a Christian Vote for a Mormon”.  Please click on the link and listen online or download and share this message with those who are also wrestling with the idea of voting for a Mormon.
I join with many Christians in this nation who are praying for this election and the next President of the United States. 

3 thoughts on “As Election Day Draws Near

  1. Hi Susan,I struggled deciding what to do with this election. First off, no way I was I going to vote for Obama and was not liking Romney either. It was hard for me to vote for a Mormon.Over the last couple of days one thing became clear to me, this nation needs a revival in the church. I believe us believers need to be on our knees praying for this nation, that God grant us repentance. If we are going to change the direction of this nation, it must start in the church.I did not like the outcome of the election, however God is still sovereign. I can still look to heaven and rejoice because He is in control.God bless,Ken

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