The Faith I Want

I was thinking about faith today and here are some reflections on the kind of faith that I want to have:

A defiant faith

Faith that turn the world upside down

Faith that knows the battle belongs to the Lord

Faith that does not lose hope

Faith that sings hymns of praise in the darkness

Faith that praises God when the world expects me to curse Him

Faith that dares to ask the Lord to let me walk on water

Faith that trusts God to shut the mouths of lions

Faith that rejoices in all circumstances

Faith that forgives and prays for those who hurt me

Faith that does not doubt or waver when it seems like the Lord is silent
Faith that looks to the Lord when my world seems like it’s caving in

Faith that repents and runs to the Lord when I’ve sinned

Faith that truly knows…it’s all about God

7 thoughts on “The Faith I Want

  1. What an amazing list of faith Susan! 🙂 By reaching out with the most abounding faith and confidence, we can be assured that His power can accomplish all things. Our genuine faith allows us to believe that God is true and trustworthy and can be relied upon completely!Blessings and love my friend,Denise

  2. Ladies, I love your responses. Amen Sandra…my faith has grown because of trails…but in those trials I've seen God's faithfulness!I love it Wanda…Unshakeable Faith! Miss Cindy…indeed we are members of an upside down kingdom…and we need to remember that every day, in part by staying in God's Word.Denise…I love your words…abounding faith, confident faith, genuine faith all because the One in whom we have faith is trustworthy and true! Amen!Lauren and Denise…I just love reading everybody's reflections on faith. I want that kind of faith too.I want a faith that does not crumble when my world is caving in. I want faith that will not give up or give in. I want a faith that when I stand before the Lord…I won't have a lot of regrets. May we be strong in the Lord and the strength of His might. Confident in the One we serve.

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