Put a Guard Over My Mouth

Lord, put a guard over my mouth.
Please do not let me speak from a place of
                                Or Fatigue
Help me to be respectful to those to whom respect is due, even when they don’t behave that way.
May I be mindful that I will give an account to You for every word I speak.
May even the thoughts and intentions of my heart be good and pleasing to You. 
Help me not to respond when provoked.
        Or pay back evil for evil.
                Or answer a fool according to their folly.
Help me to lift up my eyes unto Your throne from whence cometh my help.
Help me to keep my focus on You.
As soon as my thoughts wander and once again I start to ponder the wrongdoing of another, help me to rein in my thoughts. 
Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.
Help me Lord to meditate on that which is
                                                Good Report
Help me to look for the lesson You have for me in the midst of the fiery trial.
Confident that You are able to use even the wicked, ill behavior of another for Your good purpose and plan.
Don’t let me become like the one whom I despise.
        Help me to do good to the one who hurts me.
                Help me to pray for the one who despitefully uses me.
Lord, I am overwhelmed.
        I don’t want to return to the lion’s den.
Help me to reach up and take hold of Your nail pierced hand as I enter in.
Protect me from the ravenous wolves and the sharp teeth and claws of lion stalking his prey.
Help me to stand firm and see the deliverance of the Lord.
        Know that the battle belongs to You Lord.
You are a Giant Slayer and I’m facing some giants these days.
Let me face them with You at my right side.  
Help me to honor You in all that I say and do.
Let me not bring shame or reproach upon the name of Christ.
This has been a challenging week.  I can’t imagine getting through it without Christ. 

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