“Beware of the Bareness of Busyness”

When I heard that quote, my ears perked up…that’s it!  That describes my life the last few months.  It’s getting busier and busier and I feel emptier and emptier.

I’m busy at work, I’m busy at home…and there is very little downtime.  The pace is too much!  There’s no let up.

I spend time in Word of God in the morning and at night.  I pray.  When I go to lunch or on my drive home, I listen to Bible studies or worship music…but there’s something still missing.

My life feels lifeless.

I think it’s because during my day, I’m not taking the time to listen to that still small voice.  I’m not hearing God’s gentle whisper or even His shouting to get my attention.  My attention is elsewhere.

I don’t take the time to write it down and think about it.  To see where it applies to my life.  I’m not taking time to enjoy the gifts that God has given me.  Nor taking the time to say thank You.

When people aren’t listening to me…I stop talking to them.  I don’t want to waste my time.

Does God ever feel like that?

Perhaps God’s silence, His deafening silence, is finally getting my attention.  Oh Lord…help me to hear You, to really listen and obey.

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