This and That


No Five Minute Friday to prompt me.  No hustle and bustle of the holidays to distract me and keep me going like the Energizer bunny.

It’s seems this is the first quiet Saturday morn in weeks.  I have time to think and reflect on all that’s gone on in the last few weeks and months.  To quiet my heart and mind and listen to the Lord.

Lessons I’ve had in the past, some of which I’ve failed at miserably, are coming around again.  This time I’m facing those lessons with the Lord Jesus Christ, with my heavenly Father to give me wisdom and the Holy Spirit residing within me.  May I incline my ear to the Lord, listen carefully and follow His leading and guidance as I navigate these waters afresh.  

May I have the mind of Christ and the love of God.  May I be obedient and honor God with all I do, say, think and feel.  

May I stay in close communication with God, not forsake time in prayer and listening to Him through His Word, which is perfect, inerrant and complete.  May I boast in nothing except for Jesus Christ and Him crucified.  May my heart be sensitive to the Holy Spirit when He nudges me or corrects me or convicts me of sin.  Help me to be mindful of my absolute need and dependence upon You Lord and please keep me close.  

As of late, I’ve been feeling empty, spent and depleted with nothing left to give.  Even the simplest task seems like more than I can handle.  I need to be fed and replenished spiritually from God’s Word and through worship and praise of my great God and Savior.  I need the physical rest and sleep so that I’m no operating on empty.  I need to renew my mind through the washing of the Word.  

I can scarcely believe that Christmas has already come and gone.  Not only that…but we are on the edge of a New Year.  I would never have guessed all the changes that happened in 2013, how it’s ending.  What will the new year hold?  Only the Lord knows and I need to stay close to Him each day.  Keep my eyes on Him, not my circumstances or other people.  

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