2014 One Word…Trust

Prov 3-5-6

Last year I participated in choosing one word to focus on for the New Year.  That word was Worship.  For 2014, I considered keeping my one word the same since I didn’t really make worship of God my main focus as much as I should have and wanted to.

After prayer and thinking about what I should focus on this year…I do believe my focus will be on Trust.  If there is one area I struggle with more than anything, its trust.  Trust of God and trusting people.


In Hebrew the word is batach and means to trust, trust in, to have confidence in, to be bold, to be secure.  To cause to trust, make secure.  To feel safe and be careless.

In the Greek the word is elpizō and means to hope and to hopefully trust in.

If I can learn to trust God more this year that will be a huge and I think it will have a trickle over effect in trusting people.

Perhaps part of trusting God is knowing that He is worthy and I can reinforce that through worship.

What would the Lord have you focus on this year?

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