Just Thinking on Life, Heaven and @#!*%

There have been a number of thoughts and ideas that have been ruminating in my mind in the last few days.  Some prompted by conversations or podcasts I’ve recently listened to.

Yesterday I made a comment “What price can you put on happiness?” and the response was, “Life isn’t necessarily about our happiness.”

Obviously, happiness should never come at the price of disobedience to God, choosing sin or going outside His will for us as revealed in the Bible.  However, I believe that God does want us to be content and joyful in Him, regardless of our circumstances.  That happiness, joy and contentment may be a choice that I have to make each day.  What kind of witness am I for God if I’m continually downcast about my circumstances?

At the same time, I’m still learning that life isn’t about me.  It’s about God and loving Him with all my heart, mind, soul and strength and it’s about loving others as I love myself.  That may mean that God takes me through challenging circumstances that won’t outwardly produce happiness.  But that brings me back to a choice.  Will I choose to rejoice in God, Who He is and the work He is doing in and through my life, even in or especially during the trials of my life?

Yesterday I heard a quote something to the effect of “If people could see just 15 seconds of what @#!*% is like it would make them passionate and effective evangelists.”  These days there are lots of books about heaven and what it’s like.  Who doesn’t want to go to heaven?  As crazy as it seems, even unbelievers may believe in heaven and desire to go there.  I can imagine and talk about the wonders that await believers in heaven.  But shouldn’t the eternal suffering of those going to @#!*% motivate me even more to share the Gospel message of salvation found in Christ Jesus alone?  While I won’t be able to see 15 seconds of what @#!*% is like, I can read what the Bible says about @#!*% and know that I don’t want my family, friends, neighbors, co-workers or even my enemies to go there.

On a recently Family Life Today podcast author and speaker Gloria Furman shared that she realized that her children were eternal beings and that what she was doing in everyday life, from cleaning up messes to changing diapers to refereeing a squabble, was potentially impacting them for eternity.

What holds true for a mom and dad raising their children holds true for all parts of life.  We are interacting with eternal beings everywhere.  At home, in the workplace, marketplace and even on the roadway.

If I remembered that, would it change how I treat people?   Knowing that these people are eternal beings and I can make an impact for good or evil, for heaven or @#!*% .

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