Psalm 3 – In my own words

With a recent move to Texas it’s safe to say that much of my life has been turned upside down.  But thankfully the Word of God has been there to encourage, convict, correct and strengthen me in the midst of all this change.

Below is my rendering of Psalm 3 in my own words.  Be sure to read this scripture in your Bible and hear God’s inerrant Word for yourself.

Vs 1 – When I look around me LORD, all I see are adversaries and it seems like they have increased exponentially.  Many join their ranks to rise up and come against me.

Vs 2 – Many people speak against me and even say things about my soul.  They mock me and say that “even her God will not deliver her.”  But let me pause and think on what I know to be true from Your Word and from what You’ve already done in my life.

Vs 3 – You alone O LORD are my shield that surrounds me.  You God are my true glory and You lift my head.

Vs 4 – I cry out to You O LORD…out loud.  I don’t care who hears me or what they think because I know that You hear me and will answer me from Your holy mountain above.

Vs 5 – When I laid down I was able to sleep and got much needed rest.  When I awoke I reminded myself that the LORD has and will continue to sustain me.

Vs 6 – I will not be afraid – even if I’m up against 10,000 people or more.  Even if they came against me in one big force and surround me.

Vs 7 – I will call out to the LORD God Almighty, “please save me O God – for You have protected me and smitten my enemies on the cheek.  You have raised Your hand and shattered their teeth.  Who O LORD can stand against You?

Vs 8 – Salvation and deliverance comes from You LORD.  His blessing will be upon the people of His own choosing.

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