Psalm 6 – In my own words

Ps 6:9

Vs 1 – Lord, You are righteous and just in Your anger towards me, but I ask You to not rebuke or correct me in Your anger.  Please do not chasten me when you are filled with wrath.

Vs 2 – Instead, I ask You to please be gracious to me O Lord For I feel like I’m fading away.  Please touch me with Your healing hand.  Even my bones ache and are in pain; it’s like they understand and feel the dismay I am feeling.

Vs 3 – Even my soul is greatly grieved, burdened and weighted down.  Lord, how long will it be before You help me?

Vs 4 – Lord, I ask that You turn back to me and rescue my soul.  Save me, not because I am worthy, but out of Your lovingkindness.

Vs 5 – Do the unrighteous and ungodly make mention of you in death or give thanks to You in hell?  No!  But I give You thanks even in the midst of my trouble and my unknown future.

Vs 6 – I sigh all day long and have grown so very weary of my grief and depression.  I cry and feel like my bed is so filled with tears it’like a swimming pool.  If my couch could melt away when wet it would dissolve from all the tears I have shed.

Vs 7 – My eyes are wasting away from all the tears I’ve shed in my grief.  They feel like they are old and worn out because my adversaries pursue me relentlessly.

Vs 8 – But in my grief and fatigue I proclaim to my enemies who do inequity – depart from me and leave me alone – for the Lord God Almighty who reigns has heard me and seen tears.

Vs 9 – The Lord has heard every one of my prayers.  He has received my requests and will answer them and come to my aid.

Vs 10 – They day is soon coming when my enemies will soon be put to shame and be greatly dismayed.  For the hand of the Lord will turn against them.  It’s only then that they shall turn back and feel shame over their wrongdoing.

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