3 thoughts on “Winter in Roanoke

  1. Love these pictures… Birds tend to stand out beautifully when the trees are stark and the snow is fresh. Our snow is still covering the ground (since January). But the cat and I don’t mind … It makes bird watching more fun ; )

    • Hi Sue,

      I just peeked at the pictures you posted on your blog The Unfinished Child. Oh my goodness…it’s beautiful.

      I just love birdwatching, in our yard and on my walks. The birds we have here in Texas are quiet different than what we had in southern California. Our kitties just love watching the birds…especially when I brought the feeders to our patio on when the weather was especially bad.

      Hope you are enjoying the winter season and it’s unique beauty. But I bet you are looking forward to spring, sunshine and some warmer weather.

      Lord’s blessings to you! Susan

      By the way…for any of you who haven’t checked out Sue’s blog The Unfinished Child…I recommend you head over there.

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