Cards…What to do?

What is it about cards that makes the so hard to get rid of or throw away.  I even hate saying those words…throw away.

How can I throw something away when someone I love and respect took the time to write out heart felt sentiments or words of encouragement.

I’ll put them in a box where they will remain until one day…probably many years from now.  I’ll go through them again and reread someone’s precious words.  Words made even more precious when it’s from someone who has passed away or is no longer in my life.

I touch the words and trace them with my fingers as if I’m touching the hand of a precious friend I will never see again…at least this side of eternity.  If the person wasn’t a believer, I won’t ever see them again.

For me that’s why it’s so hard to get rid of cards.

But how can I not get rid of them.  They only mean something to me.  I’ve probably not read most of them since they were given to me.  I put them in a box that I haven’t touch in a long time.  The dust bears witness to that.

We don’t have kids who we can designate to go through all our stuff when we die.  Even if we did have children, why would I want to make them go through all my stuff?

As we prepared to move to Texas I really struggled with the card issue.  I spent hours going through boxes and boxes of cards.  I went through a bunch and kept some and got rid of the rest.  But now I’m starting the struggle all over again.

But this time, I’ve come up with a solution of sorts.  I’m scanning them in and posting them to a private board in Pinterest.  That way I can look back at the cards and reread the precious words.

I’ll still keep some cards…but I can learn to let go too.

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