2 thoughts on “Black-chinned Hummingbird Collage

  1. We have been blessed with these sweet little birds tho ours are a different color. I love your feeder! When we lived in Orange they were so use to me outside near the feeders that when the were empty they would come to the kitchen window and make quite a racket until I brought them more food. Larry called them ‘welfare birds’ as a tease~ Enjoy your birds!

    • Hey Dee,

      Like you, we so enjoy seeing the hummingbirds. How funny that they fussed at you to make sure you were tending to their needs.

      If California, we had different hummers…the Rufus and the Anna’s. Much different than what we have here. In just the right light you can see the dark purple under the boy’s chin.

      Hope you enjoy your birds…keep those feeders full!

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