The High Price of Sin

When I’m tempted to sin, I don’t fully realize the consequences that will impact my life and the lives of others around me. Some consequences may last a lifetime. Relationships that are damaged may not be restored until heaven, if ever. I’m blinded to the fact that I’m focused on myself; not God, nor others. I can be very shortsighted. If I knew the high price of my sin and it’s impact would I still choose to purposely and willfully sin? Lord, help me to love You more, obey You more and take You at Your Word!


2 thoughts on “The High Price of Sin

    • Me too Laurie! I hate when I look back and see where I hurt someone and the relationship is broken. That’s where I need to go to the Lord in prayer and know that He is able to bring healing. How many times has He done that in my life and your life. Something that was hurtful and ugly…He uses for good in our lives…to grow us and mature us or make us more sensitive to other people. Love you sweet friend!

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