Once Again Come Spring


My heart is a little bit sad
As I bid my hummers adieu
Yesterday, I had one last glance
But I didn’t know it was goodbye

One drank from the feeder
Another hovered above
As if to bid her to come
For the time has come to go

Take one last sip for the flight
Follow me little one, let’s go
Once again, make our long trek
Fly to our warm winter home

In spring I delighted
When I set out our feeder
Only to see it in use
Just a short while later

At first there were two
Then four, before long there were more
Of course we accommodated
Strategically placing more feeders

Each morning it was my delight
To sit on the patio so quiet
Soon the hummingbirds would appear
For their early morning feedings

So beautiful and delicate
A testimony to God’s marvelous creation
How can one so tiny
Be so feisty and fierce

As spring moved into summer
Our feeders went from nonstop busy
To frenetic feeding
And now there are none

I will fill the feeders
One last time
In case a tiny migrant flies by
In need of energy for his flight

Even now my heart looks forward
Once again come spring
When the little hummers will return
Come, drink and stay for a while

Until then, have a safe flight
My little feathered friends
Enjoy your stay
In a warm sunny place

By Susan Wachtel
September 21, 2015

Coming from southern California, I was used to having hummingbirds in our yard year round.  One of the attractions about north Texas is we have real seasons.  Along with those seasons some of the birds come and go.

One of my favorite spring and summer birds are the black-chinned hummingbirds we have in our area.  Even now I look forward to springtime when they will return.

2 thoughts on “Once Again Come Spring

  1. I know you will be sad to see them go but I read that leaving feeders up too late in the season might cause hummers to stick around and be caught in the cold preventing them from migrating in a timely manner. I have to watch that up at our Bishope home too!

    • Hi Suzy,

      I sure do miss our hummers. I saw one drinking from our feeders earlier in the week. I think it may have been one migrating. Already looking forward to spring when they come back.

      But the Lord brought a sweet little Eastern Phoebe into the yard on Monday and I’ve seen a couple on my morning walks. They are similar to the Phoebes you have in California. When it gets colder we will start seeing the Dark Eyed Junko…very sweet little bird.

      I love the different seasons here. But you must get that at your place in Bishop.

      Sure do miss you and all our Kindred friends! Hope you are doing well.


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