The Gift of Reading


As of late, I’ve been reflecting on the gift of reading.  How important it is and how it affects every area of my life.

Not being able to read would affect my ability to learn other things like history or science or even math.  I might be able to have a rudimentary ability to do math, but would likely be limited to the basics and not be able learn advance math.  I can’t imagine attending college without being able to read, much less graduate high school.

If I couldn’t read my Bible, I wouldn’t know when a pastor or teacher is accurately teaching the Word of God.  I couldn’t study the Bible for myself and know the truth.  I wouldn’t be able to keep a journal and record my thoughts and feelings.

I might be able to learn driving skills, but I couldn’t get a license because I couldn’t pass a written driving test, read street signs or follow a map.

What kind of job would I have?  I couldn’t be a waitress because I couldn’t read the menu or write up a customer’s order.  I would likely be consigned to lower paying jobs.  How would I apply for a job, fill out an application or submit a resume?  These days many jobs require having a college degree.

How would I read a medicine bottle or following instructions for a recipe or read direction to put something together?

I would have to get my news from TV news or radio and would be unable to read the newspaper and understand the issues, facts and candidates for myself.  How could I vote without being able to read?

People might pass judgment and think I was stupid or lazy and not realize I didn’t have the same advantages that they had.  I would probably be shy and hold back on making friends because I wouldn’t want my secret discovered.  I would probably feel like I was less than because I couldn’t do what so many people can do so easily.

I wouldn’t be able to read a letter or write one to a loved one.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to not be able to read.  When I see a shelf filled with books, I’m drawn to it and can’t wait to see what adventures await me.  Books are my friends.

If I couldn’t read, I’m sure I would see books in a whole different light.  Perhaps, books would be my enemies.

While I don’t remember the process of learning how to read, I am so grateful for the teachers who helped me to learn of the greatest skill that has impacted me immeasurably and even for eternity.

I don’t remember most of my teachers by name, but I do recall my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Espinoza.  I’m sure that a lifelong love for reading started in her class.  To Mrs. Espinoza, and all my teachers, I thank you for giving me the gift of reading.

Thank You to God for enabling me to read and bringing people into my life who helped me to master that life transforming skill.

If you think of other ways that your life would be impacted if couldn’t read, please take a moment and leave a comment.  Also, don’t forget to take a moment and say thanks to those who helped you learn how to read.

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