Five Minute Friday – Rush to the Lord

Today, I’m participating in this week’s Five Minute Friday writing challenge.  If you like to write or need some inspiration and encouragement be sure to check it out.

Today word prompt:  Rush


Lord, I confess to You
So much of the time I feel rushed

I rush from morning to night
I rush to take care of the urgent

How much of what man considers urgent is truly important?
How much of it has eternal consequences?

When I read about Jesus, He didn’t rush
Though He had people coming to Him night and day

Desperate with crippling sickness and disease
A pressing needs that only the Savior could meet

Yet Jesus, the Son of God
Took time to pray to His Father in heaven

Jesus was driven to do His Father’s will, not man’s
He responded with grace, mercy and compassion

May I rush to spend time with Christ Jesus
May I focus my mind on Your life changing Word

May I rush before the Father’s throne of grace
May I bring Him my prayers and wait upon the Lord

Help me to make a priority
That which is important to You

May I rush to come before the Lord
May I be quick to listen and obey

by Susan Wachtel
August 31, 2018

End…Times Up

I’m so looking forward to fall. While I’m not in school, I will be back in Bible study classes. I desperately need the disciple and focus of in-depth Bible study. More than I know, I the community of believers.

How about you? Are you in a good Bible study? If not…now is a good time to jump in. A lot of studies begin in early September. There a are a number of in-depth, verse by verse studies available, like Community Bible Study, Bible Study Fellowship, Precepts or perhaps a study at a local church near you.

I cannot adequately explain how important it is for you know God’s Word for yourself. God will use it to grow you and change you. He will enable you to be discerning and wise and read, understand and obey His Word.


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Rush to the Lord

    • Hi Heather,

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. You are correct…we are heading in the right direction when we rush to to the Lord.

      Looking forward to reading your post for FMF. Have a great Labor Day weekend. Susan

  1. “How much of what man considers urgent is truly important?
    How much of it has eternal consequences?”
    These are great questions and thought-provoking to consider. A lot of things can seem very important to us, but I think very few of them actually matter as much as we often think. Visiting from FMF #31.

    • Hi Lesley,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your observation. I think you are right…a lot of the things which seem so important today may be of little consequence in light of eternity. I’m sure when I get to heaven I will realize that I wasted too much time on that which is of lesser importance. But praise God for His mercies which are new every morning, His Word which instructs and guides us and the Holy Spirit who indwells us. Praise God that out sin debt was paid in full by the precious blood of Lamb.

      Looking forward to reading your FMF post on Rush.

      Lord bless…Susan

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