Abraham, Abraham!

Morning glory and evening grace Lord! May I never forget that the Bible is history, filled with real people and real circumstances. When I read the story of Abraham taking his son, his only son Isaac, up to the mountain to offer him as a sacrifice as You commanded, I can’t imagine what Abraham must have felt. You had told him the day before what he was to do. He didn’t drag his feet or delay but got up early. He split the wood that for the fire and walked with son Isaac up the mountain. What did they talk about? Was Abraham’s heart heavy, or did he remind himself what we read in Hebrews 11:17-19, that God who had promised descendants through Isaac was able to raise him from the dead? Abraham bound Isaac and was ready to slay him when he heard, “Abraham, Abraham!” You knew that Abraham feared You and held back nothing. In reading this account, I can’t help but think of Christ Jesus, Your only begotten Son. Unlike Isaac, Jesus knew what would happen and He was the willing sacrifice. Jesus carried the wood for His sacrifice on the cross. Not a pile of firewood, but huge heavy cross. This time there would no voice from heaven stopping His sacrifice. Jesus’ dead body would be removed from the cross. He would be placed in a borrowed grave where He would rise three days later. Your beloved Son in whom You are well pleased. This was Your plan from before the foundations of the world. Can I confess, doing good to my enemies doesn’t come naturally. But that’s what You did. While we were still Your enemies Christ died for us. Thank You Lord for the greatest gift we could ever receive. Thank You Jesus for being the sacrifice in our place. Thank You Holy Spirit convicting us of sin and bringing us repentance. We come to You in the name of Your Beloved Son Jesus Christ…Amen!

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