Triumphal Entry

Morning glory and evening grace Lord! What was it like, the day of Jesus Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem? People spread their garments on the road before Him and cried out, “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.” The prophesied day had arrived. Those who knew the Scripture should have anticipated His arrival. As jubilant as the crowd was celebrating King David’s descendant, a few days later they would cry, “Crucify Him!, when Pilate asked what he should do with the King of the Jews. As horrifying as it is to think about, that’s what Christ Jesus came to do. The sinless Son of God would be put to death on a cross like a common criminal. Not for anything He did wrong, but because that was the plan from before the foundations of the world were laid. Before the first sin was committed Jesus knew He would be born of a woman. The One who is fully God would be fully Man. He would die on a cross bearing the punishment for all who would repent and believe in His substitutionary sacrifice on our behalf. Lord, never let me forget the price that was paid for my redemption by my Kinsman Redeemer. Let me not take my sin lightly or turn a blind eye when others sin. Let me daily wage my battle with sin. Let me meditate on Your Word, be washed by the Water of the Word. Let me eagerly tell others of the One who loves their soul. It’s in the precious name of Jesus Christ Lord, God and Savior I come to You. Amen!

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