My Words Will Not Pass Away

Morning glory Lord! Father when we read Your Word, there is so much think about, meditate on and contemplate. Like learning from Jacob or meditating on Your goodness and kindness to mankind. But as a Christian, especially during these days there is nothing more comforting than to think about Christ’s return, of Him gathering up His church and the end of days. We do not know the day or hour of Christ’s return, yet we seeing signs that it’s closer with each passing. In these days where truth and justice is not upheld, help Your people to cling to Christ, Your Word and the surety that we have in the knowledge that You will fulfill Your promises. Help us to endure to the end, where we will be saved, delivered, preserved, safe from loss and destruction. May we proclaim the Gospel of Christ to those who don’t yet know You. May we pray boldly to the God who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, more than we can ask or imagine. May we pray for the salvation of those whose lives seem so lost. Because nothing is too hard for You. As we see churches and pastors and teachers abandoning Your Word for the wisdom and solutions of mankind, help us to remain steadfast in reading and studying the Bible. May it be the plumbline by which we evaluate everything else. We come to You in the name of the One who holds us safe and secure in His hands. The One whom You testified, “This is My Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.” The Way the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!

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