Attention All Christians…Modesty Heart Checklist

At Kindred we are currently going through a study in Revelation.  For the past few weeks, the topic has been about the church at Thyatira.  In preaching through this passage, Pastor Philip De Courcy has been addressing the issue of sexual immorality.  While we’d like to think that the Christian church is immune to such temptation, I’m sure that we’ve all heard or seen many stories about pastors and prominent Christians who have fallen into sexual sin.

On Sunday, our church passed out a message from CJ Mahaney called “The Soul of Modesty”. 

The Soul of Modesty” is an excellent message and one that all Christians should hear.  Be it a Christian woman who is trying to navigate the waters of looking attractive, but trying not to tempt men into sexual sin.  Or the father and mother trying to raise their children in a culture that is hostile to Christian values. 

In the message CJ Mahaney mentions a guide that his wife Carolyn Mahaney and their daughters put together.  “Modesty Heart Check” is a checklist for both the heart and the dress of Christian women. 

I can promise you will be challenged by both the “Modesty Heart Check” and CJ Mahaney’s message “The Soul of Modesty”.  Challenged, but in a good way. 

Doesn’t God’s word tell us that we are to have the mind of Christ?  (1 Corinthians 2:16)  As a Christian…there nothing that is off limits to God and that includes my dress. 

I encourage you to click on the above links and learn from CJ Mahaney’s very transparent message how a woman’s dress effects men and Carolyn Mahaney’s guide for Christian women.