Nathan…Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace Dear Nathan
Nathaniel Hawthorne Bunts
Born June 17, 1991
Died March 30, 2008

I’m numb tonight…as I had my little Nathan put to sleep. I held him moments after he was born…so I had to be there when he took his last breath. It will be so weird going to sleep and Nathan not resting by my side. It will be weird not to be awakened in the middle of the night by a loud howl. Something that Nathan did every night for the last year or two since his mama died. It will be weird not to leave a glass was water in the bathroom sink…because Nathan preferred tap water to the bottled water I gave him.

I wonder if his brother Moss…also 16 years old…will miss him? I think Rudy my 1 year old kitty will.

I know I will miss him greatly. Thank you Nathan…were an excellent kitty. I’m glad that you were my kitty.

Really…Honest and Truly

I swear to you…honest and truly…I’m not a bad “kitty mom”. Really I’m not. However…my kitty Nathan may beg to differ with me. His assessment may be a little different after Saturday’s “bag incident”.

When I first saw Nathan having difficulty walking I went to investigate…to see if he got his claws stuck on something. A closer look revealed that Nathan…AKA nosy Nate…somehow got a Starbuck’s bag slung around his head and neck. Kind of like a backpack.

Now a normal mom…would have rushed to his aid and immediately freed Nathan from the bag. That wasn’t my first reaction. Or let me state…I battled between instincts.

I couldn’t quite control the laughter…and I ran to get the camera. As you can see…little Rudy (whose not so little anymore)…wanted to help his brother. Or is that annoy his brother when the chips were down? Anyway…after posing for a couple of pictures (albeit reluctantly) from the laughing photographer…Nathan was freed, no worse for wear from the Starbuck’s bag.

Now you understand why Nathan has earned the nickname “Nosy Nate”.