Thoughts & Reflections on Fear, Worry and Anxiety

Yesterday I felt worried upon hearing and reflecting about some sad and bad news.  Last night before bed, I read Ana Dagarin’s post at “Ramble On” for Five Minute Friday, and I’ve been meditating on something she said about’s what I jotted down. 
Fear crowds out faith
Anxiety leaves no room for peace
Worry takes away the option to trust God
Self-focus obscures my ability to see God
Fear is a sin
Anxiety steals peace from my heart and mind  
Worry is a waste of time
Self-focus is boring
Lord, I take comfort in knowing that nothing takes You by surprise.
You are never anxious.
You don’t wring Your hands in worry.
There is not a path worn out before Your throne as You pace back and forth with worry
You alone know the future
You have perfect vision, un-obscured by sin
You will make wrong things right
Justice will be served in Your perfect timing
Evil and sin will be punished
All things are under Your control and firmly held in Your grasp
I can only be fearful, anxious and worried when I take my eyes off of God.
Despite reading God’s word each day and praying, I’ve felt like lately there has been silence from God.  Here are some thoughts and reflections of why I’m silent towards someone.  I’m not saying this is why God seems silent, but perhaps I need to ask the Lord why I feel as though He seems silent to me. 
I’m silent when someone isn’t listening.
I don’t want to waste my time and words on someone who doesn’t seem to care or pay attention to what I have to say.
I’m silent when I feel hurt by someone.
Lord are You quiet because I haven’t obeyed Your last instructions to me?  Please help me to obey, just follow through and not make excuses but make the time, not find the time, to do what You are calling me to do.
Perhaps I have too many other voices and noise competing for my attention.  Help me to listen clearly and incline my ear towards You Lord Jesus.

Just Thinking…About the Lord

I find comfort and assurance in knowing that the Lord never wrings His hands in worry.  Nothing takes Him by surprise.  God never has an anxious thought.  He doesn’t toss and turn all night or need an extra cup of coffee to get through the day.  He’s never weary.  God never wonders “what if”. 

Woodshed Time 

After a sleepless night filled with physical pain, fear and worry about a family member I finally got out of bed and went about my morning routine.  This morning I let my thoughts wander down the path of worry, and started feeling as though I was responsible for another person’s life and choices.  Instead of praying, I opted to worry.  
In the middle of those troublesome thoughts, I felt as though God tapped me on my shoulder and said, “Susan, I am still on My throne.  Do you realize that all this time you spent worrying you could have been praying?  The Trinity doesn’t meet in an emergency session.  I know all things and nothing escapes My attention.”

It was after I listened to the Lord and reminded myself who God is and what He can do that my stress and worry faded away.  I felt a calm and peace come over me.  I was able to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.  I remembered that I need to be about my Father’s business…praying.  God is faithful and true and He is working out His perfect plan, not only in my life, but in the life of family and friends.  

When I worry I’m acting as if there is no God.  It’s good to be taken to the woodshed now and again.  It reminds me Whose I am.  But surely it would be better if I chose instead to believe God…to walk by faith, not by sight.