Daniel Patterson – One Chance – This author knows how to write good Christian fiction

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I came across author Daniel Patterson via an email suggesting that I might like his books.  I checked out them out and the reviews were promising.  So I selected his book One Chance and boy oh boy, I was pleasantly surprised.

Daniel does a great job on developing the characters, slowly unveiling them as the story progresses.  One Chance was intriguing and I liked trying to figure out who done it in the midst of all the twists and turns.  I highly recommend this book.

The thing I appreciate most about Daniel Patterson’s writing is that this is a man who knows how to write good Christian fiction.  He gets it.  He knows how to weave Christian faith into his character’s lives.  He has ordinary people, dealing with trying or difficult circumstances and relying on their faith.  They grow in their faith or they may stumble, but their faith is an integral part of their life.  I found the characters very believable.

Not only is Daniel a gifted writer, he understands that he has the greatest message, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to share with his readers.

I came away from reading One Chance encouraged and strengthened in my faith.  I very much look forward to reading more of Daniel Patterson’s books in the future.