Farewell Little Friends

Though some may tell me different
I know my hummingbird friends have departed

They arrived in the cool of springtime
Spent the long, hot summer days with us

Zipping to and fro throughout the yard
Feisty and quarreling over who will have time at the feeders

Don’t worry little friends, there’s enough for all
Another fresh batch of nectar will be made

Just this week, I couldn’t help but notice
There weren’t as many around

Oh, there was the occasional hum of wings
Little jewels getting their nourishment from flowers

Some resting on feeders
Drinking deeply without interruption from others

But the clicking and territorial fights have ceased
Now I delight to see the stranger passing through

Their fine-tuned flying skills and delicate beauty
A testimony to their Creator

I will miss you my little friends
I wish you a safe journey as you head south

Come spring, your feeders will be filled and ready
Already looking forward to your return

By Susan Wachtel
September 1, 2018


Hummers in Roanoke! Yeah!!!

Collage Hummer 2One of the hardest things to leave behind from our home in southern California was all of the wonderful birds.  The regulars included Towhees, Wrens, Warblers, Phoebes, and many kinds of Sparrows and Doves.  During the migration time we had Orioles and Black-headed Grosbeaks.  One of our favorites was the resident Hummingbirds that made our yard their home.

Our kitties loved spending time looking out the window at all the activity in the yard.  It was like big screen TV for cats!

Hummingbirds in this part of Texas are not here year round…only during the migration season.  I’ve been monitoring the maps to see when we should start seeing the Hummers come through…and mid-April was when the first sightings were being reported.

On Saturday I put out our Hummingbird feeder and it wasn’t even a day before we saw some activity.  Yeah!!!

Here we get Black-chinned Hummingbirds.  From the pictures I got today I think we have a male and female coming to our feeder.  They are beautiful creatures and a marvelous picture of God’s creation.

Below are a few pictures I was able to snap.  These birds seem very skittish and don’t linger long at the feeder.  I sure do enjoy them when I see them…I hope you do too.



 Male Black-chinned Hummingbird




 Female Black-chinned Hummingbird










As a side note, my favorite Hummingbird Feeder we have is one that sticks on the window.  We got ours at Wild Birds Unlimited.  Already, it’s been through some crazy storms in the few days that included torrential rain, hail, lightning and thunder.  It stayed in place.