To Post or Not to Post…That is the Question!

Well I have come into possession of a terrifically wonderful photo….that can surely be classified as “it just doesn’t get better than this file”.

It’s a picture of an individual…who at this time shall remain nameless…dancing on a table, during a meeting no less. Now the folks that know him…would be hard pressed to imagine him doing this even in an inebriated state. But this boy was stone cold sober and dancing in front of over 200 people. (I guess we can cross shy off his list character traits?)

Alright…so maybe he’s a bit competitive…and was spurred on by the enthusiastic cheers of his people. Perhaps he wanted to see his competitor buried in the dust by his skillful dancing reminiscent of Fred Astaire…or is that Michael Jackson? (Actually he reminded me a bit more of Zorba the Greek.)

And now I’m left with this dilemma…to post the photo or not? So…what do I do? I have no doubt that if the situation was reversed…it would have been posted within seconds of it being snapped. And goodness knows this individual is always quick on the draw with a cleaver and pithy comment whenever the opportunity strikes. (However I did advise him recently…that he really needs to work on clear and direct comments. Especially when communicating with folks over 40…whose brain function is somewhat impaired…even on a good day.)

Now I truly must be getting soft and weak willed in my old age. Heck…I’m just plain loosing it…because my first instinct is to give this gent a break…and be charitable.

So reluctantly…for the moment…I am going to resist temptation to post this photo. Keeping in mind that if the spirit moves me…I may reevaluate this decision.

Even now as I’m walking away from the computer…I’m shaking my head and muttering…I’m loosing it. Next thing you know…I’ll be campaigning for Hillary. Okay…let’s not go that far. Perish that thought. Hummm…what do I do?

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