The Ten Commandments…Cajun Style

1. God is number one…and that’s all.

2. Don’t pray to nothing or no one…just God.

3. Don’t cuss nobody…especially the good Lord.

4. It’s Sunday…why don’t you pass yourself by God’s house.

5. Your folks done did it all…listen to them.

6. Killing ducks and fish, that’s okay…people no.

7. God gave you a wife…sleep with just her.

8. Don’t take nobody’s boat…or nothing else.

9. Stop lying…your tongue is gonna fall out.

10. Don’t go around wanting some body’s stuff.

Yesterday I left my I-pod at work…so I wasn’t able to download Dennis Prager’s show for my morning walk. So out came the good old Walkman…while I fished around for a Bible study tape from Chuck. I selected one from 11/17/02, called Fulfill You Ministry Part 2 (2 Timothy 4:2).

We’ve all had those times where God brings just the right message to you, at just the right time. Well this was one of those times. In the middle of the tape…was “The Ten Commandments…Cajun Style”. Using a New Orleans accent Chuck rattled them off and as he always does…making things clear, plain and simple.

It was great listening from almost three years ago. It was pre Chuck’s cancer, it was pre our starting Kindred Community Church…we were still a Bible study back then. It was after the Angel’s had won the World Series…and post 9/11. So a lot of memories poured forth while listening to this tape as Chuck referenced these events.

It would have been about six weeks before our church had it’s first official Sunday as a church. It was an exciting and scary time…but one filled with expectation to see what God would do.

Back then Chuck had a lot of energy that he put into his studying and preaching…and he had a bit of an edge too. Chuck always has a passion for God’s word….and speaks the truth in a straightforward and direct manner. While his passion and drive remain…Chuck has softened a bit…and God continues to transform him into the one whom I refer to as my beloved Pastor.

This was really wonderful reflecting back on all the God has done over the past…almost three years now. Praise God…and my great Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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