Blessings from God

Abraham…”Mommy’s Little Jelly Bean”

Mom Theresa writes the following about her baby boy, Abraham.

“I must tell you the story of Abraham, now I am sure you have heard the one in the Bible. But mine is a bit different version. “

“There once was a boy named Abraham who had two sisters who love him very much. Well they thought he was so cute that when they notice a onsie that he was wearing said “Mommy’s Little Jelly Bean”, they decided that they would call him Bean. Now there are two reasons why that name fits him. When he came home from the hospital he was on the little side…kinda like a little bean. He was also a bit on the gassy side too. So the name just stuck and my poor boy will need therapy to figure that one out. Since he has been given the name Bean we now fly through the house and yell “Super Bean” and then Abraham gets that look on his face that you see in the picture. He really enjoys flying and we have fun watching the expressions. “


One of the ways in which God has blessed me greatly is by bring extraordinary people into my life…who are disguised leading ordinary lives.

I know Theresa from work…and while greatly sadden when she decided to leave work…I was confident that she was making the right decision. Following God’s leading, she quit so she could be a full time, stay at home mom…to raise her two girls Destinee and Emma.

There are two people in my life of whom I consider among the best moms. If I were ever to have children…and not be able to be home with them…I’d want these two ladies to watch them. Because I know without a doubt…they’d be loved and given the best of care. One is my friend Nancy…and the other Theresa. They are both incredible moms…and it would be a dream come true if they were your mom.

Abraham is Theresa and Hector’s third child. I think they should go for an even dozen…since they are awesome parents. But I do believe they have their hands full as is.

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